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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Salt Lake City & Moab, UT

The goal of breast augmentation is not simply to increase size, but also to achieve the most natural look and feel possible. In pursuit of that standard, manufacturers have created new varieties of implants that offer lifelike consistency, integrity and form. But there is a time-tested breast augmentation technique that is natural in every way: fat transfer.

How Does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Work?

This procedure uses liposuction to remove fat from areas of your body where you have an excess amount, and targeted injection of these purified cells to increase the size of breasts. There’s no need to choose between saline, traditional silicone or such newer innovations as gummy bear silicone or the silicone Ideal Structured Breast Implant — the “implant” is your own tissue.

The process is intuitive, and in fact the concept first occurred to surgeons more than a century ago. Today it is known as fat grafting, autologous fat transfer or lipoinjection.

Best Application of Natural Breast Augmentation

Because fat cells can be unpredictable in the ways they acclimate to their new location in the body, this technique is often used for very specific and limited applications. Examples of this include filling voids after lumpectomy, repairing unevenness caused by rippling or wrinkling of implants and as a supplementary procedure that can improve the look of implants by softening the edges where implants are in contact with breast tissue. When used solely for breast augmentation, patients should expect only a modest increase in volume.

Fat Transfer Breast Enhancement Procedure Details

At the start of the fat transfer procedure, fat cells are typically harvested from the abdomen, hips or buttocks. These cells will be injected into the breasts in small quantities, each injection strategically placed to increase size and sculpt a more appealing profile. Cells are commonly injected between the skin and the breast capsule surrounding the breast, or sometimes between the back of the breast and the chest wall.

The idea of fat transfer is not new, but the advanced technology used in today’s procedure is much different than older techniques that sometimes produced unevenness below the skin, in addition to the greater volume. The improved precision of surgical instruments is a factor, but also the process that filters the fat cells harvested from your body to create “microfat.” These small-particle cells easily adjust to their new role and location, becoming a permanent part of your breasts.

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