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Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)
Salt Lake City & Moab, UT

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

Brachioplasty is the removal of loose skin on the upper arms. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Leland Chick performs this procedure for many patients who have undergone massive weight loss or simply desire a more toned look.

Can Arm Lift Help Me?

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) in Salt Lake City, Utah

You may benefit from arm lift if you have excess skin and loose fat on your upper arms despite eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Perhaps you lost a significant amount of weight and were left with folds of loose skin that do not respond to diet or exercise. Or maybe your arms are no longer as lean and toned as they used to be, simply due to the effects of aging or gravity.

Arm lift restores an elegant contour to your arms by removing skin and fat and tightening the remaining skin. You will see the best results from arm lift if you are at a healthy weight and do not plan to gain or lose weight in the future.

Arm lift is not recommended if you are significantly overweight, have had a mastectomy or have lymphedema, as the risk of complications is higher.

Treatment Details

Arm lift is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Anesthesia is used for your comfort. The arm lift procedure takes about 1.5 hours and is often combined with other procedures such as breast lift or post-bariatric plastic surgery.

Dr. Chick begins by making an incision on the inside of the arm from the armpit to the elbow. The exact length of the incision depends on the amount of skin and fat to be removed.

Through the incision, Dr. Chick removes excess pockets of fat and tightens loose tissue, stitching the tissues into place. He excises extra folds of loose skin and tightens the remaining skin around the newly shaped arm. When Dr. Chick is finished with the surgical modifications, he closes the incisions and wraps bandages around the incisions.

Will There Be Scarring?

The major drawback to arm lift surgery is that there is a significant scar extending from the armpit to near the elbow on the inside of the arm. The scar will take about two weeks to fully heal. This is a good time to apply proper treatments to minimize the visibility of the scar.

Arm Lift Recovery

The majority of the recovery period usually takes about two weeks. After that, you are able to continue with your daily activities and work, if it’s not too physically demanding. You will be advised to wait a bit longer before returning to your exercise routine. It’s best to wait at least six weeks after surgery to do any kind of strenuous activity, such as weightlifting or working out.

Dr. Chick will encourage you to wear an elastic sleeve or ace wraps as necessary for about two to three weeks to help contain swelling. After that, you can go on without it, once the swelling goes away.

Are There Any Risks to an Arm Lift?

The potential complications of brachioplasty are infections, wound-healing complications, bad scars and transient swelling of the lower arms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Arm Lift

What if I have excess arm fat but firm skin?

If you are concerned about excess arm fat, but your skin is relatively firm and elastic, liposuction may be the more appropriate solution. During liposuction, Dr. Chick makes several tiny incisions on the arm and uses a thin, hollow tube to break up and remove unwanted pockets of fat. Because the incisions are so small, there is virtually no scarring. However, the quality of the skin directly influences the results.

How painful is the arm lift recovery period?

It is common to have mild soreness, swelling and bruising after arm lift. Your arms may feel tight or numb. If needed, you can take prescription or over-the-counter pain medication during your recovery. Arm lift aftereffects may peak a day or two after surgery and then gradually subside. If you have prolonged pain or swelling, let Dr. Chick know.

When can I go back to work after arm lift?

You will be able to resume work within one to two weeks of surgery, as long as your job is sedentary (i.e., a desk job). If you have a physically strenuous job, you will need to take additional time off to recuperate before returning.

Why should I trust my arm lift to Dr. Chick?

Dr. Chick is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is dedicated to providing safe, effective solutions to your body contouring needs. He will get to know you and your particular concerns and goals before recommending the treatment that is right for you. He will also ensure that you understand the potential benefits and risks of surgery before treatment, so you can make informed decisions regarding your care.

If you wish to learn more about arm lift surgery in Utah, schedule an in-person consultation at our Salt Lake City practice with Dr. Leland Chick. He will evaluate you to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Information about financial options is also available. Appointments can be made online or by calling (801) 322-1188.

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