Three things to consider before lip injections

We all wish our lips had that little bit of extra plump! However, before calling and scheduling your appointment for lip filler here are three things to consider.

1. Expectation. Lip injections, if done correctly, can make you look and feel fabulous. However, too much is just too much! We want you to look as natural as possible. We only charge you for the amount of syringe used. Your first appointment you may want to try a smaller amount to see if you like it. If you want more you can always come back! Sometimes less is more!
2. You may experience pain, bruising, and swelling. Your lips are a sensitive area. Every patient is different when it comes to treatment. It is common for patients to call after the procedure worried about how swollen their lips have become. It may take a week to see the desired results. With that being said, I wouldn’t recommend doing this right before an important event in your life. You need to give yourself a minimum of two weeks!
3. Not a long term procedure! Fillers are temporary! We typically say lip filler last around six months. If you love the results you have to keep coming back!

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