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Frequently asked questions about a Facelift?

What exactly does a facelift do? As we age, or lose a large amount of weight, gravity and loss of skin elasticity result in skin sagging.  On the face, this is most apparent in the neck (the “turkey gobbler”) and the jowls. A facelift evaluates the jowls (in the mirror pull the cheek skin up Continue Reading…

Massive Weight Loss Consequences

Congratulations!  You’ve lost a lot of weight by diet & exercise, bariatric surgery, or a combination. You look better, feel like another person, your medical problems have significantly improved. However, you look at yourself, and you see a lot of deflated skin, and it does not match how you feel. 1. What are the most Continue Reading…

Breast Reconstruction Areola Repigmentation/Tattooing

Reconstruction of the breast can be a very emotionally and physically rewarding procedure.  Not all women desire reconstruction, and it is not a requirement.  But many women, perhaps most, find it to be very beneficial in returning to a more normal life after breast cancer. The final step of breast reconstruction is tattooing the areola. Continue Reading…

Three things to consider before lip injections

We all wish our lips had that little bit of extra plump! However, before calling and scheduling your appointment for lip filler here are three things to consider. 1. Expectation. Lip injections, if done correctly, can make you look and feel fabulous. However, too much is just too much! We want you to look as Continue Reading…

Three questions frequently asked about breast lifts

I am interested in a breast implant, now that I’ve had my children.  Do I need a lift also? The rule of thumb is that if the nipple is below the breast fold, a lift is suggested.  If the nipple is above the fold, then an implant alone works. If the nipple is lower than Continue Reading…

Plastic Surgery Moab, UT

Moab Regional Hospital opened in February of 2011.  The facility is state of the art, with excellent surgical facilities and nursing care.  The excellent medical community is well trained and ready to provide acute care!  It is an excellent, friendly, and caring place for your medical needs! Dr. Chick has been seeing patients at Moab Continue Reading…

Do I need Botox or filler

A lot of people ask, “Do I need Botox or filler?”  the answer lies in the problem. Consider this- hyperactive muscles in the forehead and between the eyebrows can make one look overly concerned, angry, or tired.   Over time, these muscles cause creases in the skin that become permanent wrinkles. Botox is a muscle relaxant; Continue Reading…

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