Dr. Chick can help make your dream
figure a reality

Dr. Chick can help make your dream
figure a reality

October Newsletter

Breast Cancer Awareness

Yolanda’s Story

Yolanda CarreroMy name is Yolanda Carrero. I am 48 years old, and I am a one year breast cancer survivor! Thanks to my annual Mammogram!

When I was diagnosed in December, 2014 with invasive carcinoma of the right breast, I was not prepared for all the decisions that I was being faced with. With my family history and knowing the affects of the disease, I was really unprepared to face this journey.

However, what a blessing it was that my medical records arrived at Steven Mintz office. I met him and his wonderful partner, Leland Chick. I remember when he said he had goods news and bad news. The good news is you will survive, the bad news is you will need to make a decision on how we will get rid of the cancer. After a few weeks of consultation, I made the right decision for me and my journey began in January of 2015. One thing I have learned in this process is that every case is different and we all have a different journeys in how we cope and heal.

What has gotten me through this difficult time of many changes in my body, has been the amazing and outpouring support from my doctors, staff, and immediate family. I have been so blessed to be a member of Cancer Wellness House which provides free services to all members. If it hadn’t been for their mental wellness program, I don’t think I could be this positive today with many things. I still struggle everyday to find purpose and loving myself, but I do find gratitude in being alive and cancer free.

Today, I hike and enjoy the simplicity of life. My concern for stress related issues, has diminished, and I just try to take each day in front of me and not concern myself with tomorrow. My hope and desire is to be a service to someone else. Cancer is a hard diagnosis to be faced with, but with amazing support and caring people we never have to walk alone in this journey. Seek help, talk to others going through your journey, and never be afrain to say, I’m scared. We all share those fears.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need a friend to talk too, someone who has been there, yolycarrero68@gmail.com. I am also a part of an amazing online support group “lifting hearts”, for breast cancer survivors.

It does get easier! My moto, “Hope is found when we Hear Other Peoples Experience”.

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